Your life today is the sum of your [habits]. Are your current routines who you want to be? Make 2020 the year your [health] becomes a [habit]. . . . On average it takes 66 days to form a habit. . We're putting that science to the test. . Most give up on a goal just a few weeks in, but we're better than most. . So, drop the remote. . Tell your inbox to wait. . Push pause on the Insta-stories. . There are 60 days between you and [LASTING] change. . What are you waiting for? [HEALTH HABIT] CHALLENGE January 1 - March 1 [IN A NUTSHELL] 27 classes 60 days [THE DEETS] Take a minimum of 27 classes from January 1 - March 1 and WIN! [ALL CLASSES] + [OPEN GYM] + [PRIVATE TRAINING] count towards your t

8 Ways to Create a [HEALTH HABIT]

Mission’s [HEALTH HABIT] Challenge is in FULL SWING and we want to see you SLAY! That’s why we’ll be offering up tips to help you along the way! Our hope is through these next weeks you’ll be on your way with a plan to counteract [LIFE] and make your [HEALTH] a [HABIT]. The biggest reason people give for not working out is “I just don’t have time.” Well, we’re calling bs on that line. So let’s drop the deception and take some ownership instead. The truth is we make time for what we prioritize and let everything else slide. . The first step to feeling and looking your best is to be completely candid on why your health is not your top priority. . According to Lavinia Rodriguez, PhD, clinical

12 Days of Fitmas

Tis the season…to sweat for good! Mission’s annual 12 Days of Fitmas Challenge is here! The rules are simple: Attend any class at Mission [Tuesday, December 10 - Saturday, December 21] and we’ll donate $1 to our [Charity of Choice] Mobile SPCA Get DOUBLE dollars donated [say that 3 times fast] by: Attending a special holiday themed class Bringing in a donated item from Mobile SPCA’s Wish List Even better, any donated items for SPCA cover the cost of a drop-in class for all non-members during the 12 Days of Fitmas! [Fitmas] will conclude with an epic team led Jingle Bell Jazzercise class + holiday cheer party on Saturday, December 21. The winner with the most classes + donated items scores a

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