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New Year New Classes


See what we did there? ;) You asked - we listened, and we have a new class schedule to show for it. Expect to see creative combinations of your favorite methods coupled with a heightened intensity that you won't see anywhere else in the MOB. Take a peek at the full schedule and class descriptions below, and don't forget to reserve your spot!


Get your heart pumping and your core muscles screaming in this rowing and Pilates combination class. Rowing drills will activate every muscle group in your legs, core and arms. Intense core work on and off the rower is the icing on the cake!


Reform your practice with a powerful yoga flow on and off the Pilates reformer. Build heat, stamina and strength as you flow with grace and ease in your poses. Be prepared to generate heat with longer holds and powerful transitions.


Just like champagne and oysters, this signature class is the best of both worlds...get your sweat on during fast paced rowing intervals and tone and strengthen every muscle with rounds of work on the Pilates reformer. Get ready for this class to be your new favorite.


We've truly broken the mold with this high-intensity signature class. Expect to smile through the sweat as you move through three circuits including reformer, rowing and TRX. Every muscle will be challenged and your endurance tested in this full-body, fast-paced 50 minute class.This class is tough but you're tougher. Warning...this class is highly addictive. *Indoor athletic shoes required.



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