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Instructor Spotlight [Samantha LeMond]

Meet Cherish Posey

MEET [SAMANTHA LEMOND] Meet Mission Fitness Instructor, Samantha LeMond. Sam has been teaching at Mission Fitness since day one, teaching a variety of our Pilates reformer fusion classes, including Row+Reform, Core[Re]form and Row+Reform+Resist.

Sam recently completed a Health Coaching certification and is now offering services to Mission Fitness members that provide customized health plans to meet their personal goals. Learn more about Sam [below] and contact her at to schedule a free consultation.

Hometown? I grew up in a quaint Atlanta suburb called Peachtree City. From there, I moved to Auburn for undergrad and then went to South Alabama for graduate school, which is how I ended up in Mobile. I’ve been here for over 7 years, and my husband and I love living in midtown.

Occupation? I’m a Speech Pathologist currently working at Bluebird Pediatric Therapy. Over the summer, I also became a Certified Health Coach to integrate my love for exercise with my passion and knowledge for cooking and healthy eating habits. My goal is to offer a holistic health approach to our members starting from the inside out.

Biggest accomplishment? My most recent accomplishment is becoming a Certified Health Coach! I spent a large portion of this summer studying and preparing for new clients, and I’m so excited to start taking on more clients at Mission.

Favorite thing about Mobile? I love that Mobile is a small city with big personality. It’s small enough to allow individuals to become easily integrated into a niche, and big enough to offer some amazing opportunities. You can do it all here, and there are endless opportunities for growth and success.

Favorite Class at Mission Fitness? I love to both take AND instruct Row + Reform + Resist. It is such a well-rounded workout! I also love Row + Reform and Core [Re]form to mix in the reformer with other challenging exercises.

What motivates you to stay consistent with your [own] workouts? Consistently taking care of my body with good food and ample exercise makes me feel like the best version of myself. Adopting regular meal prepping habits and keeping to a regimented exercise routine has become the norm, and it’s work! But the work is all worth it to feel strong and healthy.

What do you like to do when you’re not working out/teaching at Mission Fitness?

I love to cook! My favorite meals to cook are healthy takes on traditionally unhealthy meals, and finding new ways to keep healthy food exciting and tasty. I like to stick to a macro-based diet (a purposeful balance of protein, carbs, & fat) to give me dietary flexibility that also aligns with my goals.

Any tips for current or prospective members?

Health is a journey, not a destination! Constantly creating new exercise and nutritional habits and goals is key to a long lasting relationship with your overall health.



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