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Instructor Spotlight [Stacia Yim]

Meet Stacia Yim



New Orleans, LA


I am a round-the-clock referee, nurse, housekeeper, chef, diplomat, psychologist, comedian, health and wellness coach, personal shopper, teacher, spiritual guide, translator, and cheerleader. Also known as “a mother.” In my spare time I teach Pilates, barre and yoga. In a former life, I was a high school social studies teacher. When I grow up, I’d like to write children’s books.

Biggest accomplishment?

I thought about this question for a long time, revisiting some of my proudest achievements; my hardest work. (For example, once I made it through an entire Alison-Jones-Pilates class and completed every rep!) But the honest answer is that the most meaningful progress I’ve made as a human has been in my growing capacity for self-acceptance; finding a sense of peace in who I am, exactly as I am, and continuing to work toward letting go of the unrealistic expectations of perfection that can get in my way. I hope that in that work, I’ve given my three daughters an example worth following.

Favorite thing about Mobile?

This one’s easy! When the city explodes in color as the azaleas bloom each spring, I swoon.

Favorite Class at Mission Fitness?

I am my happiest on a reformer, so I love our signature classes that incorporate ReForming! But I’ve recently developed a crush on the water rowers...we’ll see if it gets serious.

What motivates you to stay consistent with your workouts?

My children are front and center in my world view, including why I try so hard to be as healthy and active as possible. I want to do all I can to stay with them as long as possible!

What do you like to do when you’re not working out at Mission Fitness?

I love to read, listen/sing along to music and dance with my kids (hello, kitchen dance party!). I have friendships that are deeply important to me, so spending time with those girls is key to my happiness. And of course, watching the Yankees with Alex during baseball season has been a fixture of “us” since our first date. I love the pace of baseball because it allows for so much conversation in between the action!

Any tips for current or prospective members?

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! The instructors here are so knowledgeable and creative...we can make any exercise work for you exactly where you are today. Also, I find we have the greatest, most sustainable successes when we make small changes and build from there. It’s tempting, in a fit of best intentions, to make huge overhauls. But there’s time. Make one change, stick to it, and see what reveals itself next.



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