8 Ways to Create a [HEALTH HABIT]

Mission’s [HEALTH HABIT] Challenge is in FULL SWING and we want to see you SLAY! That’s why we’ll be offering up tips to help you along the way!

Our hope is through these next weeks you’ll be on your way with a plan to counteract [LIFE] and make your [HEALTH] a [HABIT].

The biggest reason people give for not working out is “I just don’t have time.” Well, we’re calling bs on that line. So let’s drop the deception and take some ownership instead. The truth is we make time for what we prioritize and let everything else slide.


The first step to feeling and looking your best is to be completely candid on why your health is not your top priority.


According to Lavinia Rodriguez, PhD, clinical psychologist and author, typically there are only a handful of reasons people don’t exercise…“

1. Lack of motivation

2. Lack of enjoyment

3. Negative associations

4. Fear

5. Low self-esteem


Does one of these ring true for you? If not, take a moment and ask yourself why you choose to let life get in the way of your health?

What is it that drives you to push? To challenge yourself physically?


That’s typically an easier thing to answer when it comes to our professional lives. At work you may be motivated by the pride that comes with a big sell, or winning a major project or simply outworking your counterparts.


The question is why aren’t you applying that same logic [and energy] to your physical efforts?


Check in with yourself and figure out what is going to drive you to your best health. [There are no wrong answers here.]


Maybe you just want more energy during the day. Maybe it’s looking great in a swimsuit or feeling more confident in your skin. Perhaps you have aches and pains that are creeping up or weight gain in places you’ve never had before that you need to get a handle on. Maybe it’s staying youthful so you can play with your babies or grand babies.


Whatever it is, set that goal in your sight and make it non-negotiable. Let that motivation create your next moments to move.

Now the real work begins...

You would never build a house without an architect's drawings so why would you attempt to create a healthy lifestyle without first making a plan?


Step one is to set the foundation. And by that we mean, get your mind right. Begin to mentally re-frame the way you think about your daily workout. Maybe it's simply rephrasing "I [HAVE] to workout" to "I [GET] to workout" that will put you in the right headspace.

. Then, begin to think of your workout as the most important meeting you’ll have all day and get prepared for it. Maybe it's downloading a new playlist to your phone to get you motivated for your early am run. Maybe you set out your workout clothes the night before and keep a pair of running shoes in the car. Consider creating a recurring appointment on your calendar [with alarms].


Make preparations to set yourself up for success AND make a plan to get back on track quickly when something goes awry. Look, we know unexpected things pop up. We all have hectic 70+ hour weeks when we don’t know which way is up. But if that one week turns to two then three you need to get serious about a priority reset.

Sometimes we work a little harder when we have some skin in the game…when we’re invested.


So, if you’re serious about your health then maybe putting a few Benjamin’s on the line would help motivate you to get moving.


Decide how much your health is worth and then pony up.

If your workout buddy is as unmotivated as you are, chances are you’ll neither get where you want to be physically.🤦‍♀️ . Instead, strike up a conversation with that co-worker, insta friend or neighbor that you admire.👋🏻 . You know the one that’s always posting sweaty post workout pics or running with a tandem stroller...the one you find the teeniest bit annoying for all their commitment and initiative. 🙄 Yep. That one. . Joining forces with that type of motivation will benefit you BOTH and keep your health on track when your excuses grow larger than your goals.🤝

Doing the same workout repeatedly isn’t optimal for your body or your mind.


Our bodies are remarkable in their ability to adapt and become more efficient with the things we do most often. Due to that, our redundant workouts [running, biking, walking, lifting, etc] have less and less calorie burning potential as time goes on. 🚲 🏃 🧘🏽‍♂️🏊🏽‍♂️🏋🏻‍♂️ . In other words…your go to workout is a little less effective every time you do it. 🤯 . That’s why, at Mission, we have 17 signature class concepts + 14 kick-ass instructors and not a [fitness] plateau in sight. 😎 . So, forgo your daily jog and challenge your muscles and your mind by checking out a new class instead.🤩

Dinner and a movie is so passé. And [YOU] are SO not passé. 🤩 . Step away from the norm and plan nights out that involve more than just 12oz curls. 🍺 . Grab your crew and take a pre-brunch jog 🏃 , jump in an early am [open gym] 🏋🏻‍♂️, or check out that fitness place that’s been stalking you on Insta 😎 and earn your drinks and nabs. . Life is all about balance. ⚖️ You can have your bubbly AND killer abs but carving out time for your daily workout is mandatory to live well.

. You know what they say….Work[out] hard. Play hard. 😉

The final key to creating a lifelong habit of health is to accept the reality that your health is greater than everything else…then act accordingly.💡 • Most people are in serious denial about their health and that denial leads to a distorted perception when it comes to our To Do List hierarchy. • So much of life is entirely out of our control. We can’t control genetics. We can’t change our DNA. But we can choose our attitude and our actions.💯 • We know that much of what ails us now and will plague us in the future 💊can be resolved through diet + exercise🧘🏽‍♂️. And if that’s the case why would we prioritize anything above what keeps us living well?🧐 • So, allow us to set the record straight… • It’s ok to have dirty clothes in the hamper. It’s ok to let emails go un-returned for a bit. It’s ok to let voicemail snag your calls. It is NOT ok to cheat your health. Capisce? 👍🏻 • Life is like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel but much of the book has already been written.📚Choose what you can wisely, friends. Because each choice you make sets you on a trajectory with dwindling options and harder adjustments. At Mission we’re doing our part to ensure your story ends with the “Happily Ever After” you so deserve.☺️ • So, repeat after us….”My health is more important than anything else.”🗣 • Repeat as needed.

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