Monday - Sunday 5:00a - 10:00p

[Hours include [Open Gym],

an exclusive amenity for members.]



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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3 | 5:00 - 7:30PM

mission fitness | 951 government street


[The Mission]

[Health + Heart]

We are a local studio of kick ass classes, killer instructors, epic playlists and champions of community.

We believe in the power of unity, the creation of positivity and the importance of a post workout high five.

Each quarter Mission chooses a local non-profit to illuminate.

Through community events and our Health+Heart community infusion, we bring much-needed awareness and resources

to these worthy organizations. 


Join Mission and truly [Sweat for Good].



Push, pull, squat and lunge your way to a better you. TRX leverages gravity and your body weight to perform countless exercises. Because TRX requires you to engage your core with every exercise, you get a total body workout every time you train.


This highly effective combination of Pilates, yoga and ballet will whip your entire frame into shape with a workout fueled by high-energy music, weights, and heart-pumping cardio. The fusion of precise techniques plus athletic intensity and a bit of grit will have every muscle crying uncle. 


Enjoy the benefits of improved posture, flexibility, muscular endurance and coordination. Join in one of our mat or reformer Pilates classes and transform the way your body looks and feels as you create strength without bulk and say goodbye to those waistline woes.

[private training]

New to fitness or looking to take your health to the next level? We have a team of the most tenured and highly qualified instructors to make all your fitness dreams come true. Your goals...our expertise


Test your endurance and challenge your muscles in this turbo charged workout combing both cardio + strength.Expertly designed stations utilizing compound exercises + dynamic movements will keep your muscles guessing...and quaking. Rounds of work will allow you to practice and then perfect each move.

[open gym]

Classes aren't your thing? Join us for open gym - follow our daily self-guided workouts or create your own utilizing our WaterRowers, slam balls, free weights, TRX, Bosu trainers, and so much more. Mi casa es tu casa, amigo!


Maximize caloric burn, tone muscles and increase flexibility in a team-based cardio circuit class on our top of the line WaterRowers. Rowing works 84% of your muscle groups with every stroke. Other exercises recruiting fewer muscles require higher intensities to achieve the same caloric consumption as rowing.


Restore your mind, body and soul all while improving flexibility and strength. Our yoga classes are personal, not company scripted. We honor the wisdom of our teachers and encourage them to teach classes they believe in.


Straps, springs, shakes...oh my!

At first glance the reformer may seem more foe than friend with its moving carriage and wild looking bits but with a little time we think you will really warm to each other. ;) The reformer was created to help develop strength, flexibility, coordination + balance with no impact on your joints. Our reformer devotees find themselves with flat abs, strong backs, lifted seats, and toned what are you waiting for?



Open Gym


[5:00am -10:00pm daily]

Open Gym + All Classes + Community Infusion + Complimentary Child Care

$150/Month | *$125/Month

[3+ Month Contract]

$200/One Month Only

[No Contract]

$50/One Week Only

[No Contract]

*$125/month rate available for:

Teachers | Military [+ Spouses] | Students | Non-Profit Employees | Seniors | Couples | 12 Month Contract

+ Marine | Broad | Old Shell Loft Residents

[Class Packages]

Single Class: $20
5 Class Pack: $90 [$18 per class]

10 Class Pack: $160 [$16 per class]
20 Class Pack: $280 [$14 per class]
[Packs exclude Rowing + Reformer classes.]

Single Rowing or Reformer Class: $30

[Studio Rental]

Have your next the barre!

Rent our space + choose a class format and we'll do the rest!

Hourly Rental: $60
Instructor + Exclusive Fitness Class: $60
[Non-Staff] Private Trainers + Instructors

Weekly Rental: $125

Monthly Rental $400