BARRE BRAWL  If ballet and kickboxing had a love-child it would look a lot like Barre Brawl. Fast paced boxing drills mingle with the sculpting you know and love of barre. So, come plié, relevé and show off your left hook like the bad ass ballerina that you Barre Brawl. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.

BARRE[X]  Think you've tried barre? Think again. We're blazing the trail to create the optimal barre experience. Blending our signature barre class with the TRX suspension systems this class is like none other. X marks the spot to sculpt, sweat and shake your way to the best you yet. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.

CARDIO [RE]FORM  If Pilates and aerobics had a baby it would be Cardio [Re]form. This energetic hybrid class is a true full-body workout — focused and effective with brief, manageable spurts of intensity. Expect to torch some major calories as we match bursts of [impact-free] cardio with the toning you know and love of Pilates. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.

CIRCUITS [RE]FORMED  Meet circuit training...[re]formed. Move with precision and control through intense rounds of work on our Pilates reformers then incinerate fat during [impact-free] cardio stations and finish strong with a muscle trembling, belly blasting core challenge. Brace your core and embrace the burn...your body will thank you later. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.

COFFEE RUN  Running is good...running for [COFFEE] is better! So, load up your kiddos, snag their strollers and let's take a run [or walk] to one of our neighborhood coffee shops! 

CORE ROW  Strengthen, empower and increase your endurance without tearing your body down. With intelligence and direction our team will lead you through an exclusive fitness experience you’ll never forget. This heart-pumping, total-body burn with a serious CORE blast is as fun as it is effective. Rowing drills will activate every muscle group in your legs, core and arms. Intense core work on and off the rower is the icing on the cake! Expect to cover serious meters and torch major calories. New to rowing? Don’t sweat it – we’ll teach you everything you need to know. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.

CORE [RE]FORM  You’ve never spent 45 minutes like this. Prepare yourself for the newest signature program at Mission Fitness…Core [Re]form. Fusing the best of mat + reformer Pilates and [re]imagining the optimal full body workout, this original class is better than botox. Multiple rounds of work coupled with moves done as a group gives you opportunity to practice and then perfect each rep. Expect the unexpected and come ready for a challenge. This class is sure to leave you breathless. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.

FLOW RIDER  Get ready to ride hard and flow hard[er]. You’ll bike to to the beat of epic tunes then transition to the mat for a soulful, sweaty yoga flow. Cycle OM, friends. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.

HIIT THE CORE  Get ready for 30 minutes of high-intensity cardio combined with a killer core workout. Say goodbye to those waistline woes as you maximize your results in a minimal amount of time. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.


HIIT THE BARRE  This is your one-stop shop for a calorie-torching, body-tightening workout. HIIT the Barre is a unique, high-energy, no impact workout utilizing the ballet barre to target the butt, thighs, and love handles. These muscle-defining barre-based movements target your inner and outer thighs, glutes and quads while focusing on alignment, flexibility, and balance. The class finishes with a core sculpting segment. You will push your body to the max but leave feeling strong and energized. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.

HIIT THE FLOW  Spice up your yoga practice with the addition of cardio and core components combined with balance, and flexibility for a total body workout. Strengthen then stretch your way to a whole new you. This workout is truly meditation in motion. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.

THE HIITS  You'll bounce the beat of themed hits from all eras and artists in this anything goes, full body, all Bosu class. Think sweat dripping, muscles shaking, core's not the flu it's the HIITs. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.

IRON + CORE  Get ready to lift and burn in this all strength and core class.

IRON + OAR  This circuit based challenge utilizes a sleek WaterRower for short-burst, high-intensity, calorie-burning intervals with functional strength and sculpting stations designed to chisel the legs, core and arms! In Iron + Oar nothing is off limits! Expect plyometrics, free weights, TRX, body weight, planks and push-ups. Iron + Oar is no cakewalk. You’ll find yourself yelling, competing, cheering, high-fiving, working with your team, and being pushed o your max effort! Exclusively at Mission Fitness.

OPEN GYM  Can't figure out how to squeeze in a scheduled class? Use your fob and come in [5am-10pm, 7 days a week] and crush a workout on your own time. Choose to slay our WOW or do your own thing utilizing our WaterRowers, Schwinn cycles, TRX and more. Our house is your house, friend!

POWERHOUSE ROW  Get your heart pumping and your core muscles screaming in this rowing and Pilates combination class. Rowing drills will activate every muscle group in your legs, core and arms. Intense core work on and off the rower is the icing on the cake! Exclusively at Mission Fitness.


PILATES+  Dump the misconceptions of leg warmers and sit-ups. This isn't your granny's Pilates class. This is Pilates...evolved. It's music driven movement, an every muscle quaking, sweat dripping, heart pounding, questioning your life choices kinda class. And you're going to love every second. Exclusively at Mission Fitness..

[RE]STORE  Stretching is like flossing: we know it’s vital but making it happen regularly is a big ask. Show your body some much needed love with [Re]store. This gentle stretch class focuses on reducing stress while increasing mobility and flexibility and is certain to leave you better than when you walked in. Maybe you’re seeking an easy post-workout recovery or just feeling a bit stiff and in dire need of a good stretch, [Re]store will allow you to power down to in order to power up. All levels welcome.

RIDE  Let the music move you as we climb, sprint and tap back to the beat. Incorporating hand weights and core work, Mission's signature RIDE class is the ultimate recipe for challenge + change.

RIDE + REFORM   Just like champagne and oysters, this signature class is the best of both worlds...get your sweat on during fast paced cycling intervals then tone and strengthen every muscle with rounds of work on the Pilates reformer. Get ready for this class to be your new favorite. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.

ROW + FLOW  Slay your namaste with brief rounds of of heart-pumping, total body cardio on our water-based rowing machines followed by vinyasa flow yoga, focusing on aligning your breath with movement. We call it the best of both worlds. Like receiving a gift at someone else's party, this unexpected combination results in a workout that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.

ROW + REFORM  Just like champagne and oysters, this signature class is the best of both worlds...get your sweat on during fast paced rowing intervals and tone and strengthen every muscle with rounds of work on the Pilates reformer. Get ready for this class to be your new favorite. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.

ROW + REFORM + RESIST  We've truly broken the mold with this high-intensity signature class. Expect to smile through the sweat as you move through three circuits including reformer, rowing and trx. Every muscle will be challenged and your endurance tested in this full-body, fast-paced 50 minute class. This class is tough but you're tougher. Warning...this class is highly addictive. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.

SWEAT[BOX]  Let the time and sweat fly as you kick and punch your way through one epic fitness experience. This multi-level sweat fest is designed to get you moving, shaking and burning in all the right places. So let’s blow off some steam and torch some serious calories in Sweat[Box]. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.


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