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At Mission, we believe fitness should be [JOYFUL] that's why we're constantly innovating and evolving to keep your experience [FRESH] and [FUN] every time you come in. So, for 2019 we're debuting [FIVE] brand new signature on the lookout for your new favorite!


Thursday 6:00am

Meet circuit training...[re]formed. Move with precision and control through intense rounds of work on our Pilates reformers then incinerate fat during [impact-free] cardio stations and finish strong with a muscle trembling, belly blasting core challenge. Brace your core and embrace the burn...your body will thank you later. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.


Monday + Wednesday 12:30pm

Meet the next generation of HIIT training, every second a blitz of lightning-fast intervals. Get ready to crush your personal best with anaerobic sprints on our state of the art WaterRowers plus innovative circuits using TRX, KettleBells, SlamBalls and BattleRopes. [IRON]ROW is a complete cardio challenge that demands everything you’ve got and incinerates your goals in forty flat. Be glad it's not longer. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.


Monday+Wednesday 11:00am

Stretching is like flossing: we know it’s vital but making it happen regularly is a big ask. Show your body some much needed love with [Re]store. This gentle stretch class focuses on reducing stress while increasing mobility and flexibility and is certain to leave you better than when you walked in. Maybe you’re seeking an easy post-workout recovery or just feeling a bit stiff and in dire need of a good stretch, [Re]store will allow you to power down to in order to power up. All levels welcome.



If ballet and kickboxing had a love-child it would look a lot like Barre Brawl. Fast paced boxing drills mingle with the sculpting you know and love of barre. So, come plié, relevé and show off your left hook like the bad ass ballerina that you Barre Brawl. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.

SWEAT[BOX] Various

Let the time and sweat fly as you kick and punch your way through one epic fitness experience. This multi-level sweat fest is designed to get you moving, shaking and burning in all the right places. So let’s blow off some steam and torch some serious calories in Sweat[Box]. Exclusively at Mission Fitness.


This is a game changer - we've expanding our [Open Gym] hours [now 100+ hours/week].

Mission Fitness members can now utilize [Open Gym] from 5:00am-10:00pm Monday-Sunday! Take a look at the MINDBODY app and be sure to book your next [Open Gym] sesh.


[for members + non-members] Do you have mad love for a certain class but just can't seem to make it on the days it's offered? We have just the solution! The Mission Fitness team is available for private and semi-private sessions at the time most optimal for you. Please email us to purchase and book your sessions:



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