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When we say we love our people for always, that goes for their mamas too. 🫶

Our collective endured an immense, immeasurable loss 1 year ago…the death of our dearest friend, ally + supporter, Dara Lee Ann Greene.

As deeply and profoundly as we’ve felt Dara’s absence it pales in comparison to the depth of grief experienced by her family and her mother, Deniese.

Yet, even in her darkest hour, Deniese made the bravest, most selfless choice a soul could make. She put her sad to the side and allowed us to honor Dara by telling her story.

She asked we do this so no mother ever has to endure the loss of their child in such a tragic, senseless way. So no family mourns as theirs has. So no one feels helpless and alone in the sad and bad.

And so we did.

Telling the world of Dara’s suicide is the most difficult task we’ve ever been privileged to accept.

Over the past months we’ve had countless candid conversations + deliberated over every syllable before putting them in print.

We’ve painfully, painstakingly written and edited and soul searched and wept.

Through this process we’ve realized we never know what a person is truly enduring. We never know the depth of their sadness. Or the soft spots that exist, hidden under hardened shells.

That’s why we must always add to the good pile.

Dara’s suicide left space only for transparency and authenticity.

It ensured we are vigilant in looking out for one another. It reminded us to be kinder than necessary. Always.

Because there are many more Daras walking this earth. Those who can only see their own flaws and wrong choices and not their light that shines so brightly. The great goodness that comes from deep within.

This great loss is a weighty reminder we must be dutiful in caring for the light we create, the good we do, the people on our path and one another.

This clarity, realignment, months of efforts and dollars raised in Dara’s name wouldn’t have been possible without the blessing of her mother.

Thank you, Den Den for the gift that is your baby girl.

We will love her forever.

And we will continue to talk about Dara’s life for the rest of ours.

If you are having suicidal thoughts please call or text 📞988.




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