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Laissez Les Bon Temps ROW

It's [almost] Mardi Gras, y'all, and we've got a challenge for you.

Fight for your chance to be King [or Queen] of the rower - here's how it works:

Keep track of your total meters rowed February 1 - February 13 [Fat Tuesday].

[You can accumulate meters in one of our fourteen rowing classes each week or open gym. If you're rowing, we're counting!]

The top male and female competitors will be crowned King and Queen of the Rower!


Join us for Core Row on Wednesday, February 7 for our Mardi Gras themed class.

Bonus points available for:

  • attendance in class;

  • most creative Mardi Gras costume;

  • most spirited competitor;

  • winning the rowing race during class [points awarded to winning team members]

Oh! and don't forget to grab one of our Mardi Gras tanks [coming soon]. Here's a sneak peak!



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