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Mission raised $3,800+ for AIDS Alabama South! 👏👏👏

We are over the 🌙 to announce, with your support, we raised $3,800 for Mission’s 2024 Q1 [Charity of Choice], AIDS Alabama South!

AIDS Alabama South provides essential, life-sustaining services across 12 counties and 12,545 square miles of Southwest Alabama. They work tirelessly to prevent new HIV infections and improve the health and well-being of people living with HIV.

But their efforts and support span much further than their name would imply.

⛑️AIDS Alabama South also provides:

•Social Services

•Education + Outreach

•PrEP PEP + Rapid ART

•Free Testing Services

•Mental Health Support

•Youth Mentoring

•Food + Hygiene Support

•Housing Assistance

•Medical Care

These resources were raised through a combination of efforts including:

⛑️Classes for Charity Packs

⛑️barre FIGHT + wine FLIGHT Event

⛑️Monthly Membership Infusions

⛑️Community Donations

⛑️+Unexpected funds, Mission received, we are lovingly pouring into [local] non-profits.

For more ways you can support AIDS South in their efforts providing education, support and care to [local] vulnerable individuals head to

If you’ve ever wondered about the mission of Mission…this is it. Support of our great[er] community is the heart in Health + Heart. It’s how we Sweat for Good. And it’s these efforts that make all the difference, inside and out.

If we haven’t said it lately, let us say it now…

You are amazing.

The great good we cultivate together is amazing.

We are grateful to each of you who open your hearts, minds and wallets and allow us to share big love and crucial resources with our local non-profits.

Let’s continue to raise dollars and make change together.




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