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👋 Meet Judy!

Need a little inspiration to get moving? Judy can help.

Judy found her way to Mission after our team volunteered at Dance Without Limits where her son takes classes. With a little encouragement from OG Kerrie Benson, Judy joined our crew and now she’s sharing her story and what keeps her moving at Mission.


Mom to 👨Andy [25] + 👨Kevin [23] + 🐈‍⬛Ava [10]


I played the French horn in the Mobile Symphony for 30 years and worked as an audiologist for Mobile Veterans Affairs for 25 years. In 2023 I retired from both careers.


My love for music and playing the French horn has opened opportunities for me to freelance at churches, weddings and special events. I’ve done some super cool gigs including one with Luano Pavoratti and Rod Stewart.


I was drawn to Mission because it’s an exercise studio but there’s also this entire outreach component. If you’re passionate about giving back to the community and your health this is a beautiful way to combine both.


What motivates me and keeps me consistent coming to classes is the people; the camaraderie, energy and social aspect of that experience. Then when I started to see results I became even more motivated. I feel stronger, more flexible and I want to keep that going.


As moms, we tend to give to everyone else first especially those of us with children who have special needs. Kevin was diagnosed with severe non-verbal autism when he was 3 years old. He will need 24/7 supervision for his entire life. When a child requires that level of care we can sometimes forget to care for ourselves and lose bits of us in the process. It can be uncomfortable to step away and do something for you. It's difficult to know how you’ll be received or if you'll be judged. Do it anyway. Put yourself out there. You may just find your people and yourself along the way.




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