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Instructor Spotlight [Katy Meador]

MEET [KATY MEADOR] Meet Mission Fitness instructor, Katy Meador! You can catch Katy every Tuesday morning at 6am for Row + Reform. Katy has been instructing group fitness for 17 years, teaching across multiple platforms including Pilates, rowing, spinning, barre and more. With a background as a dancer [and instructor], competitive gymnast [and coach], health and fitness has always been a natural part of her life. Katy is also an avid runner and has completed two marathons.

Hometown? Pensacola, FL

Occupation? Director of Partnership & Visitor Experience, Visit Mobile

Biggest accomplishment? In the fitness world, definitely running a marathon. I would also say slowing down enough to try yoga.

Favorite thing about Mobile? I can't possibly pick a favorite thing - I absolutely love Mobile! There is so much to do here - just ask me after class one day. I've had locals challenge me on that before and I like to hand them a Visit Mobile Destination Guide and say, "When you've done everything in this guide, come back and see me. It'll be a while! Your itinerary is LOADED!"

Favorite Class at Mission Fitness? All the classes I've had the opportunity to try so far have been great! I only wish I had more time to try them all!

What motivates you to stay consistent with your [own] workouts? So many things. When I was younger and before I became an instructor, it was to stay fit physically and look better. Now, for me, it's about overall health. Real health. Looking and feeling better are simply perks of being healthy. I visit a retirement community in Pensacola often [where my mom lives and father lived]. By observing the residents there, it is very clear to me that taking care of myself now will benefit me greatly when I'm older. My mom attends an exercise class there she calls, 'Walking Training.' It's all about balance and core stability. I hope I'm teaching that class when I live in a retirement community!

What do you like to do when you’re not working out/teaching at Mission Fitness? I love to run. I know it's technically exercise, but it helps me clear my mind of clutter and I solve all sorts of problems while I'm running! Plus, I love cake. Running helps keep that love in check. My husband and I love a good DIY home improvement project as well as going to the beach - spring, summer, winter and fall!

Any tips for current or prospective members? Group exercise classes are a great way to make friends, and in doing so, you have a built-in accountability network. If you work at improving your overall health, you will see and feel changes in your body. And remember,

"healthy" looks different on everyone.

Tell us about your new class concept and why you’re excited about it? Row + Reform is so incredibly unique. It's about amping up your cardiovascular work out with high intensity intervals - with zero impact - on a smooth Water Rower. Combine that with the rather rare opportunity to train on the Pilates reformer, and it's a class where some magic happens! Many people have never even laid eyes on reformer. It is a very distinctive way to tone and strengthen the body and I'm thrilled that this class gives more people a chance to try it. Even happier to offer Row + Reform in the 6am time slot. Reserve your spot with Katy today!



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