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8 Ways To Create a Health Habit

Mission's Health Habit Challenge is in full swing and we're here to help you make it happen! Check out our 8 top tips for creating and keeping a Health Habit!

✋🏼No lies allowed.

Every [healthy] relationship is rooted in truth.

That includes the relationship we have with ourselves. Full stop.

Our inner conversation and the manifestation of those words plays a major role in what we accomplish and who we become.

The first step to creating [lasting] change is being completely and totally candid about what’s keeping you from making the moves necessary to bring you closer towards your goal. And then learning to take ownership when things don’t go [exactly] your way. Shifting blame and creating excuses is the fast track to no where.

When it comes to creating a health habit we’ve heard every excuse in the book. Here are the top ways folks hijack their own path to health.

See if any of these ring true for you...


“She only won that challenge because she has “X”and I have “Y” therefore I will never win a challenge so why even try”. Or “There’s no way I could ever do a tricep push-up like “girl on mat next to me” so I’ll just do nothing instead”.

Every body is different. And everybody is different. We don’t compare last night’s spaghetti sauce and complain it didn’t taste like chocolate cake. The same reasoning applies to physical fitness.

Instead of letting your differences with the recent challenge winner serve as a reason to throw in the towel pre-workout strike up a convo with her and let her words serve as inspiration instead.

We become adept at the things we do most often. If a tricep push up is your goal then you have to do the work. Better yet tell your instructors and they will be more than happy to oblige.

[But I'm Skeered!]

“I’ve never tried Rowing/Cycling/Pilates/[fill in the blank] before. What if I can’t do it? What if make a fool of myself?”

Trying something new is uncomfortable. And leaping into the unknown is scary. But it’s also what keeps our brains working as hard as our hearts. Our change comes with our challenge. If your daily workout isn’t forcing you to think + move you may be missing the point.

[Clean Up! The Maid's Coming!]

“I can’t got to the gym, I’m too out of shape. I’m too overweight. I”m too old. I’m too unhealthy to get healthy.”

Inhabiting a body that makes you unhappy but feeling equally unworthy of change is a no win situation. It’s like living in a hoarder house and continuing to throw your trash on the floor. The issue will never get better without doing something different. So drop the self deprecation and pick up some dumbbells instead. Don't allow those flawed thoughts to sabotage your potential.

[Self Worth-Less]

“I can’t spend that kind of time and money on myself and my health! I must spend my everything on the kids and husband and neighbors and that really nice barista until I am utterly depleted.”

The lie that everyone else is worthy except us is dirty, dark and oh so ingrained. Sometimes, our views become distorted when our proximity is too close. So, shift the lens from a close-up to a wider view. The picture may just begin to change. Give yourself the same advice you’d give to your best friend. Then act accordingly.

[Pass the Buck...Make No Change]

“I would go to class today but I only take “X” and all that’s offered is “Y.”

”That class is too hard.” “I didn’t like the playlist last time.”

“It’s too cold.” “It’s too hot.” “It’s raining outside.”

“I neeeeeed to organize my colored tissue paper.”

Ok, Goldilocks. Stop it. Just stop. That ridiculousness has no place here. So, drop the deception [and the tissue paper] and choose your health no matter what.

Words have power. Whether spoken outloud or reverberating inside our heads. The white lies and untruths we tell ourselves to avoid taking responsibility for not accomplishing what we set out to do puts our health on shaky ground and dashes all hope for making lasting change.

It’s time to re-word that running narrative in your head. Those thought traps telling you you’re not good enough, not strong enough, not worthy of making a change. It's time to silence the voice of doubt. Of uncertainty. To trash the lies and the deception. Because you're not fooling anyone. Least of all, you.

Water down those words with a healthy dose of reality. Allow that monologue to become a duet. Hear us. You are stronger than you think. More powerful than you feel. And you are worthy of everything.

Stand in your truth and recognize that [you] are the only thing standing between you and your healthiest, happiest self. It’s the secret ingredient behind making epic, lasting change.

At Mission, we believe you’re deserving of feeling healthy, strong and fit for a lifetime.

That’s why we’ve make it as easy as possible to squeeze in a daily workout whether it’s in-studio, live stream, or on-demand. Still want to use our shiny equipment but can’t make a class? Make it happen with Open Gym + workout of the week! Whether you have 15 minutes to spare or the whole am to spent in back-to-back classes, Mission has you covered. Think of it like a sweat oath. It’s our promise to do all we can to keep you sweating + smiling for always.

Find your why. 🧐

What is it that drives you to push? To challenge yourself? To make “it” happen when you feel like giving in?

Typically, the answer comes more easily when it involves our professional lives. At work you may be motivated by the pride that comes with a big sell, or winning a major project or simply outworking your counterparts.

The question is why aren’t you applying that same logic [and energy] to your physical efforts? Because although that year end bonus is great, a lifetime of living well is even better.

Check in with yourself and figure out what is going to drive you to your best health. [There are no wrong answers here.]

Do you just want more energy during the day and to sleep better at night? Are you looking to feel more confident in your skin? Perhaps you have aches and pains and pounds that are creeping up out of nowhere that need to be resolved. Maybe you want a lifetime of shared experiences with your babies or grand babies.

Whatever it is, set that goal in your sight and make it non-negotiable. Let that motivation create your next moments to move.

Now the real work begins...

You would never build a house without an architect's drawing so why would you attempt to create a healthy lifestyle without first making a plan?

Step one is to set the foundation. And by that we mean, get your mind right. Begin to mentally re-frame the way you think about your daily workout. Maybe it's simply rephrasing "I [HAVE] to workout" to "I [GET] to workout" that will put you in the right headspace.

Then, begin to think of your workout as the most important meeting you’ll have all day and get prepared for it. Maybe it's downloading a new playlist to your phone to get you motivated for your early am run. Maybe you set out your workout clothes the night before and keep a pair of running shoes in the car. Consider creating a recurring appointment on your calendar [with alarms].

Make preparations to set yourself up for success AND make a plan to get back on track quickly when something goes awry. Look, we know unexpected things pop up. We all have hectic 70+ hour weeks when we don’t know which way is up. But if that one week turns to two then three you need to get serious about a priority reset.


Sometimes we work a little harder when we have some skin in the game. When we have something to lose along with something to gain. When we’re truly invested.

So, if you’re serious about your health maybe putting a few Benjamin’s on the line would help motivate you to get moving.

Decide how much your health is worth and then pony up accordingly. [Hint: it's A LOT]


If your workout buddy is as unmotivated as you it may be time to make a different pick.

When your goal is to make big change hitching your hopes to a pal who frequents the bar not the barre won’t end well for anyone.🤦‍♀️

Instead, strike up a conversation with that co-worker, insta friend or neighbor that you admire.👋🏻

You know the one that’s always posting sweaty post workout pics or running with a tandem stroller...the one you find the teeniest bit annoying for all their commitment and initiative. 🙄 Yep. That one.

Joining forces with that type of motivation will benefit you BOTH and keep your health on track when your excuses grow larger than your goals.🤝




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