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Member Spotlight • Marien Amerigo

👋 Meet Marien!

Tired of hearing your own excuses? Ready to make a change? Marien has all the answers!

Read on + learn how she overcame the impossible, found the courage to begin again + what keeps her coming back!


I was born in Spain and became American citizen 19 years ago. Before moving to Mobile in 2017 I lived in Scottsboro, Alabama, Holland + Germany. I have 2 grown children. A son [Mobile] + a daughter [Colorado Springs].


I retired last year. I was assistant PE coach for 12 years and before that I taught Spanish for 10 years in Elementary schools . I also owned my own Learning Center and taught Spanish to adults + children. Now, I am co-owner of Lupercalia Art Gallery downtown.


I LOVE to travel. I’ve been all over the world but my favorite trips were Patagonia, the Chilean Andes and Galapagos Islands.


Cycling classes are my favorite at Mission but I try to take something different every day! At 61, this “late bloomer” is having a great time trying yoga, Pilates, barre + reformer for the first time ever!


During most my life I wasn’t into fitness then everything changed. My husband, an avid triathlete, was hit by a car and killed while training. I felt the need to “grab his torch” and continue his legacy. But I was faced with two big obstacles…grieving his death and not knowing how to ride a bike. So, at the tender age of 48, I taught myself how to ride a bike making loops in my driveway [to the amusement of my children and neighbors]. In the years following, I finished multiple sprint and Olympic distance races and 9 Half IronMans.

When I moved to Mobile, I struggled finding a new fitness interest and lost all my fitness form, until I remembered my bike loops on my driveway and found the courage to try Mission Fitness.


It is never too late, everyone has a different starting point, a different predisposition and different reasons. Just start and go one day at the time. Accountability helps, your friends are waiting for you! You don’t need to be better than anyone else, just a little better than “your yesterday self” One of the best sensations in life is to surprise yourself. And when you wake up thinking that today you don’t “feel it” thinking how good you felt yesterday when the work was done.

Join Marien for a class…on us!

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