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Shoutout Alison Brumfield Jones

Extra! Extra! Read all about us!

Mission’s Founder + Owner, Alison Brumfield Jones, was recently featured in Shoutout Miami! This esteemed, online publication features inspiring entrepreneurs and creatives from across the country and shares their inspirational stories of pitfalls and progress for all to see.

Get a glimpse into the mind and soul of our spirited founder + learn of the nerve, stomach, brain and heart it takes to make Mission happen, every day, on purpose.

What inspires you?

"I actively seek inspiration and to be inspired. But it’s no one else’s job to keep me enthralled with my life. That’s my work.

As I’ve explored and lived and loved my way through this life, I’ve found there are 3 concepts that inspire me most:

1. Creation 2. Collaboration 3. Care"


I am never satisfied but often gratified through creation and the creative process. Turning a problem on its head and dreaming up solutions or creating a novel way of doing things is a passion of mine. Dismissing convention and using my imagination to pioneer novel fitness programs, create innovative classes, and develop unique concepts to create community are all things that fuel me to keep going. My pet peeve is living life on autopilot because “that’s the way it’s always been done.”


I am inspired by the potential of people working together for the greater good. It’s breathtaking what a handful of humans can do when big hearts and open minds combine. To witness when so few can do something so mighty is truly remarkable.


I care. For the least of us. For those hurting. For those harmed. For those who are excluded or mistreated or just feel they don’t belong. It’s in my bones. In the deep down. That part of us that is equally non-negotiable and unchangeable. I will never be one standing on the sidelines waiting for someone else to make a move. I will always lead the charge for what is right, good and godly. Inspired may not be the word but it’s certainly what propels me forward and through…at any cost…no matter what.

It’s the combination of these 3 things…creation, collaboration and care that became the foundation of Mission Fitness.

Tell us more about your business:

What sets you apart? What are you most proud of? What should we know?

How it Started

"I am a reformed stock broker turned Pilates instructor turned fitness studio owner. I fled an unfulfilling career in search of my passion over a paycheck. Mission Fitness is the culmination of doing the things I love most with the people I love best.

For more than a decade, I was an instructor at dozens of fitness facilities and noticed the severe disconnect between health and heart. Between body and soul. I witnessed people exercising daily but emotionally, psychologically they were bankrupt. I don't believe we can be fully well without service to others. To be fully well we must continually flex our muscles of compassion as readily as the rest. To be fully well we must be fit in flesh but also fed in soul. We must care for others as we care for ourselves. And that's how the mission of Mission Fitness began.

At Mission we’re creating true health by actively working the mind and body through movement and fueling the soul through service."

How it Works

"Each quarter, Mission members nominate and vote for a local non-profit to illuminate

as [Charity of Choice]. Through social fundraising and a monthly membership infusion we bring much needed resources and awareness to these worthy charities.

Since inception, in 2017, Mission Fitness has donated over $75,000 to support the good work and noble efforts of local non-profits through our [Charity of Choice] community initiative.

That's the mission of Mission.

It's the heart in “Health + Heart”, it's how we "Sweat for Good".

How We’re Different [and it’s our favorite part]

"One of the worst feelings in the world is to feel excluded. To feel left out, like you don’t belong simply by being you. We’ve all felt it. Walking in a room and not being acknowledged, treated unkindly or simply ignored. That is not Mission. Mission was created to be a safe space where all are welcome. A place of inclusion, diversity, equity and love. That heartfelt belief led to the conception of Mission's annual inclusion initiatives Sweat for Pride [benefitting a local LGBTQ+ non-profit] and Sweat for Equity [benefitting a local non-profit supporting the black and brown community].

In short, we put our dollars where our hearts are. And our hearts are with people. ALL people. With intention and purpose-filled effort we ensure all people are seen, heard and represented within our walls.

There are so many incredible options when it comes to selecting a fitness home. But, when a soul chooses to join Mission that decision makes a difference. The time spent here matters. The dollars invested create change. And that's how we continue to "Sweat for Good."

But that's not the only way Mission is different…whereas most boutique studios offer only one fitness method Mission offers classes in countless modalities from cycling and rowing to reformer and barre. Every class format is created + designed in-house and exclusive to us. Members also have access to Open Gym, complimentary child care and an On-Demand Library of more than 400 classes."

How did you get where you are today business-wise?

How did you overcome the challenges? What are the lessons you’ve learned?

How to Do You

"Here’s what I know…nothing worthwhile ever happens with ease and nothing lasting ever happens in haste. Being the founder and owner of Mission Fitness is equally the hardest and most fulfilling work of my lifetime. It is grueling and gut wrenching and cathartic and extraordinary. It’s highs and lows and monotonous and overstimulating. It’s all the things because we are all the things. But most of all it’s worth it.

My best advice to anyone is to figure out what you love and find a way to make it your life. Instead of being fearful of failure, flip the narrative because the real fear is living a life you don’t love. A life that’s far less than you and the world around you is deserving of.

We all have gifts. Innate skills that are meant to be honed and shared. Your legacy lies in that gift. Lean into that. All the way in. And it will be the most important thing you ever do."

If you had a friend visiting, what are the local spots you’d want to take them?

"There is so much to do around Mobile and the Mobile Bay Area. But every day should start [or end] with a sweat sesh at Mission. From there a walking tour of The Oakleigh Garden District and downtown Mobile is a must [bonus points if you bring a furry friend along]. Lunch on the rooftop at Grace, drinks and charcuterie at the Cheese Cottage or Red or White then definitely dinner at Noja. On the east side of the bay, sunset + drinks at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear should be on everyone’s list and a stroll through downtown Fairhope is a must."

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. Is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?

"There are many people who mentor, love and support me daily but these two are tops…

Chandra Brown – Executive Director of Lifelines Counseling Services and a guiding light for so many.

Cassaundra Inge Burks – Mover, Shaker and Banker at Renasant Bank"

"My Shoutout is courtesy of the stealthy Bria Scott. Heaps of hugs and gratitude to you dear friend for the honor of this nomination and your steadfast love. I love you right back…deep, wide and every other way."

*Photo by the uber talented Molly McClung




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