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Sweat for Equity

At Mission we celebrate diversity.

We champion inclusion.

We foster community.

And above all else we advocate love.

Historically, June at Mission has been earmarked for Pride. But the rainbow of love we feel expands further than ROYGBIV.

We have been profoundly and permanently affected by the recent crimes of hate, senseless deaths and ongoing violence against black and brown people and their communities.

We feel moved to make a stand.

A stand in solidarity.

A stand in unity.

And a stand for equity.

With open hearts and sweaty palms we ask you to join us.

Introducing, Mission [Sweat for Equity], a month-long initiative created to:

🎤Amplify silenced voices

✊🏾Elevate the marginalized

💸+ Give back to our black + brown communities

This June we’re raising resources + awareness for Community Connect, a local non-profit that educates, mentors, counsels and feeds the children of Trinity Gardens.

Here’s how you can be an ally for our black + brown community + support Community Connect.


[ June 1 - June 30 ]


Join us in June for a month full of free, donation-optional Equity classes. Expect epic playlists + themed choreo curated by your favorite instructors. Drop some moolah and we’ll match it dollar for dollar and donate 100% to Community Connect. Jump in!


Fork out a Benjamin and score a full month of unlimited classes at Mission! Why $100? In honor of the 100 descendants of the Clotilda still living in Africatown and all over the country. Grab it!


Purchase a Stand Up Drop-In Class and use it for any class [In-Studio or Live Stream] any time over the next 6 months. 100% benefits Community Connect. Why $15? That's the age of Claudette Colvin when she refused to give up her seat on the bus, March 2, 1955...9 months prior to Rosa Parks. Stand Up!


Equity looks good on everybody! Be sure to snag one of our limited edition [Sweat for Equity] shirts and flaunt your unity allllll over town! 100% benefits Community Connect.


Mark your calendars for an extra special, team-led dance fitness class featuring our girl, Dee Thomas. We’re breaking down barriers and dance moves in this high-energy, outdoor sweat fest. Stick around after for sips + snacks! It all happens on 6.24 at 5:45pm. Why $20? In 2000 Alabama became the last state to officially legalize interracial marriage by removing the ban in the state constitution. Break it down!


We’ll all be dancing in the streets to the Rhythm of Freedom on Saturday, June 19th from 3-6pm. Stay tuned to the City of Mobile's Parks & Recreation social media for details. Join in!


Throughout the month, Mission will be spotlighting local individuals, businesses and non-profits putting in the work and making big change within our black + brown community. Give them a follow. Send them a share. Then double tap for love. Spread love!


In an effort to stand for and with marginalized communities we have to do the work. Be on the lookout for educational resources, ways to get involved and how to welcome the discomfort that will come with our growth. Show your allyship!

When it comes to black lives, matter is the minimum at Mission. That’s why every dollar raised during [Sweat for Equity] goes directly to support the good works and massive efforts of Community Connect.

There is great hope in help. There is great challenge in change. But what we know for sure is together, everything is possible.

We’ll see you in June, friends!




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