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Meet Community Connect

Meet Mission’s 2nd quarter [Charity of Choice]…Community Connect!

Community Connect is a local non-profit created to educate, mentor, counsel and feed the children of Trinity Gardens.

Along with countless collaborations there are two branches of Community Connect working together to fulfill their purpose and make marked change.

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Trinity Gardens is home to many single moms and working families. Limited resources don’t allow them the privilege of after school care. Deep Rootz saw this need and rose the challenge by creating an after school program serving these underserved children.

In fall of 2020, with the pandemic raging, Deep Rootz opened the doors, provided computers and internet and became a full-fledged virtual school. They masked and socially distanced, wore gloves, checked temps and cleaned like mad all while helping navigate the unknown waters of online school.

Every child in the Deep Rootz program passed to the next grade.

It was due to their remarkable efforts that every single child in the Deep Rootz program passed to the next grade.

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Trinity Gardens is a food desert. Poverty is high. Healthy food options are low. People are hungry.

Carmita is a resident of Trinity Gardens. She saw her neighbors in need. The lack of nutrition. The abject hunger. And she wanted to help. Armed with an oven and a lot of love she committed to making a meal each week for anyone that was hungry.

Every Tuesday Carmita serves up 400-600 hot [free] meals for anyone in the Trinity Gardens neighborhood. Every meal includes a protein, a veggie, a starch and, if they can get it donated, something sweet.


Learn more about the good works of Community Connect + help us help them during Sweat for Equity at Mission!




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