Mission Fitness is officially ONE YEAR OLD…and we’re just getting started.

Over these past 12 months we’ve shared countless laughs and stories over coffee and glasses of rosé. New friends have been made and we’ve re-connected with old ones.

We’ve welcomed the birth of SEVEN perfect Mission Fitness babies with [at least] FIVE more on the way.

[TOGETHER], we’ve cheered with the shedding of each pound and every ounce of self doubt.

[TOGETHER], we’ve sweat [and moaned] through over 1,500 classes and 12,686 check-ins.

[TOGETHER], we have infused over $7,000 back into OUR community by joining forces with 31 [LOCAL] organizations.

To us, this space has become hallowed ground. The love, the heart, the experiences we’ve shared makes it so.

We think it’s official that we’re official. [YOU + US]. It’s no longer a fling. We don’t just like like you…we love you. Fingers crossed you love us right back.

Here’s to you + us and one year [TOGETHER].

Our birthday wish is for many many more to come…just like this one.

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