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We are over the 🌙 to announce, with your support, we raised $3,530 for Mission’s Q3 [Charity of Choice], Flourish.

Created to provide a safe, free space for underserved teen girls, Flourish offers complimentary counseling, mentoring and education, so every girl is seen, heard and positioned to thrive. 🫶

These resources were raised through a combination of efforts including:

🌸Kids at He[art] Event

🌸Kid’s He[art] Show Sponsorships

🌸Living [Well] Wall Donations

🌸Monthly Membership Infusions

🌸Community Donations

🌸+Unexpected funds, Mission received, we are lovingly pouring into [local] non-profits.

For more ways you can support Flourish in their efforts spreading hope and resources to [local] teen girls visit

If you’ve ever wondered about the mission of Mission, this is it. We are a brave space where all people can become fit in flesh and fed in soul…for always.

Know this…

You are amazing.

The great good we cultivate together is amazing.

We are grateful to each of you who open your hearts, minds and wallets and allow us to share big love and crucial resources with our local non-profits.




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