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Feeling anxious about coming to class?

Everyone else is too.

It’s totally normal to feel intimidated about attending a group exercise class. Nerves creep up whether you’re joining a class for the first time ever or just the first time in a while.

When feelings of insecurity and anxiety begin to creep in those big, present feelings are stronger than the long-term benefits of coming to class…so, you just don’t.

But, here’s the truth…we’re pretty anxious about meeting you too.

All the fears you have...

What if everyone stares at me?

What if no one talks to me?

What if I can’t do it?

What if it’s too hard?

What if I make a fool of myself?

What if [fill in the blank]?

We have those fears too…

What if I make a fool of myself?

What if I forget my routine?

What if no one can follow along?

What if no one likes my class?

What if they hate my playlist?

What if someone leaves a bad review?

What if someone walks out of class?

But, what if instead of allowing our insecurities to dictate our path forward we followed our intuition?

What if instead of imagining every worst possible scenario we allowed ourselves to picture a positive result?

What if instead of fearing what could happen if we tried, we recognized the scariest thing to do is nothing at all.

What if we chose to see each other as fallible creatures just doing our very best…and we treated one another accordingly?

Here’s our heartfelt promise to you…we will always show up for you, no matter how anxious we feel. We will show up with positivity, compassion, kindness and relentless love. Every. Single. Day.

Fingers + toes crossed you’ll show up for us too. 🤞

Join our Mission crew and let’s believe the very best of each other and ourselves. 🫶




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