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The Mission Fitness [DIFFERENCE]

The Mission Fitness [DIFFERENCE]

At Mission Fitness, your health is our top priority. We want to see you thrive. So, we've put our mind to our muscle and created signature classes and an expertly crafted line-up to do just that. [Take a look at all 30+ classes we offer here.]

The stage is let your story begin.










We believe in health for a [lifetime], not just a [season]. Not only are our classes high-intensity + low-impact, each class at Mission Fitness is a unique experience. We honor the strengths of our tenured team and allow them to create a one-of-a-kind experience each and every time you walk in the door. That's good news for you and your body. It means you won't be overworking the same muscle groups while others remain desperately underutilized. It means your body and your mind will be engaged in every moment and there won't be a plateau [to your fitness journey] in sight.

We give [credence] to the concept that [recovery] is [vital] to a high-performance life. Life is tough. And we live it. Hard. For most of us, we're firing on all cylinders from the time we wake until our heads hit the pillow at night. Work+home+school+social life is wearing and we're pooped. We know. We're doing this life thing too. The thing is, when you work and play hard, you have to recover hard too. That doesn't mean taking a [sick] day or blowing off your workout but re-sizing your next move to match your moment. It means taking time for yourself, listening to your body, and being tuned in enough to know when to rest and when to push. Does Power Row seem like too big an ask with a full day of meetings ahead? Good news, we have a Pilates class that may be a better fit for today. Long day at the office and you'd rather gargle broken glass than attempt Iron+Oar? Strike a compromise and shoot for Reform+Flow instead. You have 12 hours in each day. What will you do with that time?

Our [actions] and decisions [today] will shape the way we [live] in the [future].

If we asked, 'How long would you like to be healthy?' what would your answer be? A year, two years, a decade, forever? What are you choosing every day to ensure that number of healthy years you so desire is inevitable? Each day you wake up is a gift not a given. It's so easy to allow ourselves to get hijacked by life. Do not permit yourself the silly excuses of paperwork, laundry or whatever it is keeping your from living well. If you are waiting for that perfect day, the optimal time, when things settle down, right after [filll in the blank] is over...just know that day will never come. Stop waiting and choose [YOU]. Every. Single. Day.

Experience the Mission Fitness [difference] for yourself.

You have nothing to lose - your first class is FREE - book today.



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